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Liabilities of Common Carrier

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1. Liability for Delay:

The common carrier will be liable for any damage caused by its delay.

2. Liability for Delivery:

The carrier will be liable for an erroneous delivery regardless of the reason for misdelivery.

3. Liability for the safety of Goods:

He is entirely responsible for the safety of the goods carried except when the loss or damage arises from:

a. An act of God.

b. Inherent vice in the goods themselves.

c. Acts of the enemies of the state.

d. The consignor’s own fault.

e. an acts of Public Authorities.

4. Liability for Injury:

He is liable for injury to the passenger’s person only if guilty of negligence.

5. Liability for Scheduled Goods.

Common carrier is not liable for loss or damage to specific kind of goods shown in the schedule such as gold, silver currency notes and precious stones etc, exceeding Rs. 100 in value, unless its value and description are properly disclosed to him before.


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