Classes of Organization

  • Industrial Organization
  • Wholesale Organization
  • Retailing Organization
  • Financial Organization
  • Transport Organization
  • Social Organization
  • Governmental Organization

Industrial Organization

It is the organization of the industrialists and manufacturers who combine material through various factors of production and supply the finished goods or partly finished goods to the wholesalers.

Whole Sales Organization

It is organization of the persons who directly purchase goods from the producers and sell them to the retailing organization in small quantities, He thus plays the role of middleman between producers and retailers, He keeps the stock of one or two goods in large volume. He deals in local or national markets.

Retailing Organization

This class of organization includes the persons who take over the goods from the wholesalers and supply the goods to .consumers. So he is a link between the wholesalers and the consumers. He keeps the various kinds of goods in small quantity. As he keeps close contract with his customers he knows their tastes, fashions and demands and he can provide valuable information to wholesalers and producers.

Financial Organization

This is the organization of the financial institution who provide the depositing and financing facilities to the public. It includes all scheduled or non scheduled banks.
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Transportation Organization

The member of this class of organization provides transportation facilities to the public in order to shorter the space and create place utility.

Social Organization

This class of organization is formed with a view to promoting public welfare and for community development such as charitable institution, educational institution, hospital and other social and welfare association. It also plays a very vital role in creating the spirit for the service of man.

Government Organization

This is the organization of the various departments which are directly owned managed and supervised by the government. Such as District Council, corporation, railway, electricity, post and telegraph etc.

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