Importance of Business Organization

Business organization is an act of grouping activities into effective co-operation for specific objective. It is primarily concerned with the creation and distribution of utilities for earning profit. Its study reveals that it covers all spheres, of economic functions and it provides a common link between. the various factors of the business activities.
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So effective cooperation among the various factors of production will increase the volume of profit of the enterprise. It guides us to the improved method of organization and operation concerning production, marketing, financing, transporting, and trading.

It restricts wastage of time, material and factory overheads which lower' the cost per unit. It is to be noted that business organization teaches us all methods and principles of office organization and the best way of performing the secretarial functions.

It provides the adequate solution of many business problems. So it has enabled the businessman to conduct the business affairs efficiently. Business organization, thus consists of the skillful activities of the businessman with a view to promoting trades, commerce and industry


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