Speaking in Business

Speaking, listening, reading and writing are four necessary skills. Speech is one of the primary skills. Fries says that speech is the most important aim in language teaching. In our schools and colleges stress is laid on reading. This is just to put a cart before a horse. Speech is primary, original and the only one of the skills that can be self sufficient in practice.

According to Don Byrne, “Speaking is the ability to express oneself intelligibly, reasonably, accurately and without hesitation”.  Simply, we can say that speaking is an ability to convey a message through spoken words.

The Skill of Speaking in Business

A good speaker can

  • (a) Produce the particular English speech sounds and sound patterns, both in isolation and in combination;
  • (b) Use appropriate stress and intonation patterns;
  • (c) Use appropriate words and structures to express the intended meaning;
  • (d) Recall words and structures quickly;
  • (e) Organize his thoughts and ideas in logical sequence;
  • (f) Adjust his speech according to his audience, situation and subject matter.

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