Writing Job Application

How do you get a job? Statistics show that more than once in your working life, you will be faced with the question of how to find a new job. It is a “job” to get a job; it takes more than formal education, previous experience and availability to get you on a payroll. You need to prepare a job application and a résumé and put into action a plan for securing employment. A job application is a form of sales letter through which the applicant sells his knowledge, services, skills and experience.

Parts of Job Application

A letter of application consists of:

1. Address of the applicant
2. Date
3. Inside Address (Employer)
4. Salutation
5. Subject (optional part)
6. Body

The body of application consists of three parts:

  • Opening Paragraph (Reference and post)
  • Personal Details (Education, Experience)
  • Closing Paragraph (Hope for selection and 
  • assurance for work

7. Complimentary Close /Subscription
8. Signature

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Now-a-days personal bio-data is given on a separate sheet as a supplement to the application. This separate sheet of personal data is known as curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé.

Résumé or Curriculum Vitae

A résumé is a summary of your qualifications and intended career path. Content and layout of résumé vary; there is no best type. Present your information under headings in phrases instead of full sentences. Focus on your job related achievements. Push the positive but be honest.

Kinds of Job Application

There are two kinds of Applications.

  1. Solicited Application 
  2. Unsolicited Application

1. Solicited Application

A solicited application is one written in response to an advertisement from the employer. 
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2. Unsolicited Application

An unsolicited application is one written for job that has not been advertised by an employer.

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