The employee performs the following services in respect of his duties.

1. Rendering Personal Services

It is the duty of the employee to render personal service according to the terms of the contract. He may not delegate his duty without the consent of the employer.

2. Compliance of Lawful Orders

The employee’s duty is to obey his employer’s lawful orders. Lawful orders are those orders given by the employer within the terms of the contract of employment and which are neither illegal nor contrary to the public policy.

3. General duty of Fidelity
There is a general duty of fidelity imposed on the employee, and this duty will be extended by the courts to meet the circumstances of any case.

4. Confidential Information
Where the employee possesses information connected with the employer’s trade secrets or lists of customers, the employee may not use this information freely. The employee has a duty to respect his employer’s confidential information. This duty continues after the contract of service has been discharged.

5. The property of the employer

Where a copy rights, an invention and patent represents work done by an employee under a contract of employment, then the copy right, an invention and patent is industrial information, the property of the employer. It does not belong to the employee in these circumstances.

6. Indemnity

Where a servant, in the usual course of his duties, causes injury or loss to a third party through want of due care in the performance of his duties, the master will normally be liable. Where the third party succeeds against the master, the servant is under a duty to given an indemnity.
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