Difference between Salesmanship and Selling

If you ask Difference between Salesmanship and Selling, most of them will be unable to distinguish and answer. Salesmanship & Selling in general are considered the same thing. People say Salesmanship is selling but actually they are totally different in Business terminology.

Difference between Salesmanship and Selling in Broader Perspective 

is that Selling is process of transferring goods or services to buyer in return of money or something else by Registered Business. On the other hand Salesmanship is actually the way you convince your prospect with logic, arguments and product features to buy it from you and not from other suppliers.

You being a salesman came to me for selling laptop. I already have one that means I simply don’t need it. Now you start introducing me your company’s laptop features, its hard drive, combo drive, registered window, camera, wifi, blue tooth & long battery backup, warranty or guarantee. After long healthy presentation and discussion I buy your laptop and pay you cash. Paying cash and receiving laptop is selling and everything before paying cash was Salesmanship.

Salesmanship is technique, learned skill & complicated process that needs effort to get command on it. It cannot be performed easily; it also requires field experience to sale, and Selling is simple process that even kids can perform.

In a sales job interview; interviewer asked the applicant to sale refrigerator in winter season in cold areas of country and heater in summer in hot areas of country. It seems impossible but it is salesmanship. Usually you go out for buying mobile voucher, you simply pay to retailer and buy.

Did he/she ever tried to convince you for buying voucher? Absolutely not but Salesman always do, remember your meeting with insurance policy seller. In above example salesmanship was performed by first salesman who motivated you to buy his company SIM card and TV Commercials you watch.

Conclusively, Salesmanship is primary or 1st phase or foundation. Media is power in this era, TV Ads, Bill boards, SMS marketing do salesmanship for the companies, it influence and build up your mind for buying it. They pay heavy amounts to Advertising Agencies without caring Disadvantages of Advertising; what they focus is Advertising Advantages.

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In conclusion, We got to know that selling is impossible without salesmanship i.e., selling needs salesmanship but salesmanship doesn't need selling. It is simply convincing prospect, everyone is selling but not everyone is Salesman.
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