Monday, July 2, 2018

Askari Commercial Bank SWOT Analysis


  • Holds a sound repute in the financial circle
  • Personalized services of the staff to the employees
  • Located in the commercial area, so that the customers face no problems in reaching to the bank.
  • Maintaining the healthy correspondent  relationships with foreign banks
  • Provide a record business in exports sector
  • It has a reliable and easy to use internal computer system.
  • All the transactions and information regarded the customer’s deposits has been computerized. Currently, Unibank System is being practiced for this purpose. Now ACBL is decided to change the Unibank System
  • ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. has launched its Mobile ATM Bus Service, which is the Pakistan’s First Mobile ATM Bus Service. No other bank has taken initiative of mobile ATM Bus yet.
  • ACBL has got a well-developed on-line system in most of its branches. Remittance Department is working very efficiently in transferring the funds of people due to this system.
  • The bank has also started ATM facility in most of its branches. 24-hour banking is new trend in Pakistan and ACBL has also taken apart in this trend.
  • One distinctive feature of the bank is that it is the only bank working for the welfare of army officers, which was established by Army Welfare Trust.
  • The productivity of the bank is very good. Bank is providing a high quality service to its customers.
  • ACBL have strength that most of the imports & exports which are done in Multan are handle by ACBL Multan.


  • ACBL has lesser number of branches as compared to many other branches. Due to this problem, army officers cannot avail the benefits of their own bank.
  • The human resource department is not performing the function of selection and recruitment very effectively. Selection process is not on merit due to which competent persons cannot be selected.
  • Bank is not introducing new products and new saying schemes. Bank should boost the product development and increase the range of facilities offered for customers.
  • Bank is weak in its credit management. Bank should lend to very sound parties and increase its payment rate.
  • No advertisement on electronic media has been seen yet.
  • Since, ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD.’s major competitors are Union Bank Limited and Bank Alfalah has started large media campaign, so keeping in view these threats, ACBL should emphasize more on its advertisement.
  • some of the employees are burdened with over work.
  • Division of work and description of job is not properly defined to each and every staff member


  •  All the opportunities of the 21st century are to be availed in the information technology. Information technology is the future. Therefore ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. should emphasize much on IT,
  • Govt. is taking very bold steps to promote IT in Pakistan. ACBL has an opportunity to improve in technology.
  • Stock exchange is very volatile and takes immediate effect. So, in the time of crises, conservative investors return to saving deposits.
  • ACBL is surrounded by many competitors. It has an opportunity to do aggressive marketing to increase its business.
  • ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. should emphasize on E - Banking. In which Bank can design a universal account like other foreign banks, to enhance online facilities.
  • Askari Commercial Bank’s growing business requires an extensive branch network. There are great opportunities for ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. for the expansion of its business.


  • ACBL is facing a strong competition by its major competitors; Union Bank and Bank Alfalah. Business of these banks is also growing with very high pace. So in order to achieve the sustainable growth in a market, ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. has to remain vigilant about the ever changing environment and the competitors.
  • ACBL has many competitors, which are continuously increasing its products and marketing aggressively. It may cause its customers to shift to competitors.
  • Some other banks have competent taskforce, which is also a threat for ACBL. Because human resource is the most valuable resource.
  • Pakistan India relations often create a war danger. This chance of war may cause army officer and their families to increase the frequency of withdrawals, which would decrease deposits.
  • In Multan Imports & Exports business are done on seasonal basis. Which effect the whole business of ACBL Multan.
  • All the competitors are using different means and methods to popularize their product and services. So ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. should keep in mind that a customer cannot come to the bank until he know that my demands will be fulfilled over here.
  • ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. should enhance the Pay Packages given to the employees, because it has been noticed that the competitors of the ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. are giving more suitable pay package to their employees.
  • ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. should enhance its Branch Network, in order to capture the market of different areas.
  • The SWOT analysis of the bank signifies that its strengths overcome its weaknesses and its opportunities are more than its threats. This is positive sign for any Organization                                             

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